Articles on Embodying Emotion

What are emotions?

MAKING SENSE OF EMPIRICISM? Furnishing the Mind: Concepts and their Perceptual Basis: Jesse J. Prinz


Is Attention Necessary and Sufficient for Consciousness?: Jesse J. Prinz

When is Perception Conscious?: Jesse J. Prinz

Is Emotion a Form of Perception?:  Jesse J. Prinz

J. J. Prinz’s Relativistic Morality and Convention: TSUTSUI Haruka

Putting the Brakes on Enactive Perception: Jesse J. Prinz

Are Emotions Feelings?:  Jesse J. Prinz

Are Emotions Valent Embodied Appraisals?: David Pineda

On the embodiment of emotion regulation, interoceptive awareness facilitates reappraisal: Jurgen Fustos

Embodying Emotional Disorders: New Hypotheses about Possible Emotional Consequences of Motor Disorders in Parkinson’s Disease and Tourette’s Syndrome: Martial Mermillod

Emotion and anticipation in an enactive framework for cognition (response to Andy Clark): Etienne B. Roesch

Embodying Emotion: Paula M. Niedenthal

Embodiment of Emotion Concepts: Paula M. Niedenthal

Embodiment in Attitudes, Social Perception, and Emotion: Paula M. Niedenthal

How Embodied Emotion Concepts Guide Perception and Facial Action: Jamin Halberstadt

Embodied emotion concepts: How generating words about pride and disappointment influences posture: SUZANNE OOSTERWIJK

How an Embodied Mind Perspective can Influence the Study of Emotion: Joshua Ian Davis

Sealing the Emotions Genie: The Effects of Physical Enclosure on Psychological Closure: Xiuping Li

Emotion processing in words: a test of the neural re-use hypothesis using surface and intracranial EEG: Aurelie Ponz

Exposure to the Self-Face Facilitates Identification of Dynamic Facial Expressions, Influences on Individual Differences: Yuan Hang Li and Nim Tottenham

Fast emotional embodiment can modulate sensory exposure in perceivers: Nicolas Vermeulen
 & Martial Mermillod

Negative Relations Between Pacifier Use and Emotional Competence: Paula M. Niedenthal

The Relationship of Language and Emotion: N400 Support for an Embodied View of Language Comprehension: Dorothee J. Chwilla

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